About the TDA

This page provides some information on who makes up the TDA and what it does.


The Technology Design Authority is currently composed of the following members:

This section will be updated soon


The TDA has three key roles:

  • to own the set of technical standards UIS should use across its systems, projects and services,
  • to provide technical advice, and
  • to approve technical aspects of all high-level project designs.

Terms of reference

By agreement with senior UIS management, the Technical Design Authority shall:

  • consist of at least the Architecture team and the Portfolio Technical Leads,
  • own the set of technical standards projects shall choose from for all new services, and the development of existing ones,
  • provide guidance on technical decisions,
  • approve or reject high-level designs as early as possible in the project life cycle and as required later, and
  • receive input from all portfolios via the Portfolio Technical Leads, and feed technical advice back.


You can contact the TDA by emailing tech-design@uis.cam.ac.uk.