End-user device support


This page provides guidance on what end-user devices should be supported by UIS services. We restrict the guidance to services intended to be consumed directly by end-users via either a website or an installed app.

This page is suitable for anyone involved in service delivery, procurement or co-ordination.

The Technical Design Authority recommends that the current Raven usage statistics be used as a guide to end-user devices used by members of the University. When procuring services, ensure that the maximum number of end-user devices are supported.

Ideally services will be Operating System agnostic; prefer services delivered over the Web to services which can only be accessed via a locally deployed application.

When procuring services which are available both over the Web and via a local app, be clear what functionality is present in both scenarios. Evaluate the product based on the intersection of the functionality, not the union.

Raven end-user device statistics

This section contains device usage statistics based on recorded visits to https://raven.cam.ac.uk/. It can be used to get a rough insight into what devices are commonly used by University members. The data is provided by the Raven device statistics API.

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