This page lists standards relating to identity within the University. We use "identity" to refer to information on a University member relating to themselves and their role in the University.

This page is useful for all those involved in service delivery, procurement or co-ordination.

The University Information Services provides with a directory service containing information about every university member and institution. This service can be accessed either via LDAP or a bespoke API. Both LDAP and API access is authenticated using Lookup group credentials.

Data in Lookup is sourced from a number of different databases including our Student Information System and HR System. Some information is user-editable and should not be considered "authoritative".


The Lookup documentation is the most up-to-date source on what information is user-editable in Lookup.

Lookup also hosts self-service group management and support nested groups. Lookup group membership can be used for access control purposes.


Users can hide their group membership if they want. Make sure that API calls are authenticated as the access control group or, if this is not possible, ensure that membership of the group adds privilege rather than removing it. I.e. do not use membership of a group to deny access.

Applications should use Lookup to retrieve identity or group information about University members and institutions.

Other usage scenarios

The Technical Design Authority (TDA) understands that identity is a complex and wide-ranging topic. A particular service's use case may not be covered by these standards. Is this is the case, contact the TDA for further guidance and support.